On 26-27 September 2016, the representatives of National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education, Andrei Chiciuc, and Carolina Timco, participated in the International Workshop ”The experience of Russia and Europe in the field of quality assurance in higher education: on the way to integration», organized by the National Accreditation Agency in Education from the Russian Federation, Grozny.

During the workshop, attended by over 500 people, including education experts from Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Great Britain and the Kyrgyz Republic, there were discussions on enhancing the quality of the Russian and European education system, as well as the use of European standards (ESG) in the evaluation of quality in higher education and training/selection of external experts’ evaluators.  

In his presentation „The evaluation of quality of study programs in the Republic of Moldova”, Andrei Chiciuc, the president of ANACIP, talked about the historical background of the Agency and the most significant achievements obtained since its foundation, the stages of external evaluation of a study program/institution, as well as the criteria, performance indicators and the European standards transposed into the reality of the educational system in the Republic of Moldova.

For ANACIP, the international workshop was not just a platform for discussions and debates, but also an opportunity to establish partnerships with the National Agency for Accreditation in Education of the Russian Federation, which was finalized by signing of the Agreement of collaboration and mutual support in promoting quality culture in the educational systems of the Republic of Moldova and Russia. The Collaboration Agreement aims to strengthen the joint efforts in the process of quality assurance in higher education, developing an intense collaboration between the two agencies, which can be done through an exchange of experience and transferring of best practices, as well as to participate in joint projects and other external activities that are consistent with the status of the two agencies aspiring to ensure quality in education.

Another important achievement of the ANACIP representatives was that they participated in the evaluation regarding the selection of the international external evaluators of the National Agency for Accreditation in Education of the Russian Federation. Based on several tests, which they have successfully passed, Andrei Chiciuc and Carolina Timco obtained the status of international evaluators of the Russian Agency. Moreover, the delegates of ANACIP negotiated so that other evaluators of the Agency from the Republic of Moldova would have the opportunity to engage in external evaluations of the Russian Agency.

According to the ANACIP president, Andrei Chiciuc, signing the collaboration agreement with the National Agency for Accreditation in Education of the Russian Federation, which has a vast experience both nationally and internationally, is an important step towards strengthening the joint efforts in promoting and ensuring quality in education on a high level. In addition, he expressed his confidence that important results will be achieved in the domain of quality assurance based on the collaboration with this agency.

The video from the workshop can be found here: http://grozny.tv/news.php?id=15984