Between 10 to 14 May 2016, the administrative staff and the Board members of ANACIP  participated in a study visit to ARACIP and ARACIS, counterpart institutions in Romania. This activity was organized with the support of Romanian Government and Austrian Development Agency, within the quality assurance component of the project "Partnership for quality and relevance in ICT vocational education in Moldova".

Colleagues from the ARACIP, within two days, informed us about the legislation of quality evaluation; European policies regarding quality assurance in vocational education; selection, training and management of external evaluators and external evaluation process. The theoretical support was accompanied by some practical demonstrations at the UCECOM College "Spiru Haret", Center of qualification and professional reconversion.

The second institution visited by ANACIP was Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Among the main topics discussed can be mentioned: the ways of selection, training and monitoring evaluation activities of the evaluators, the procedures for external evaluation on all levels of higher education, the experiences for monitoring the programs/ institutions in post-evaluation period. Also the colleagues from ARACIS presented us useful information about the internal management and the economic and administrative organization of the Agency.

The objective of the visit – the exchange of experience and the transfer of best practices in quality assurance in vocational education and higher education, which is implemented in Romania for over a decade, has been successfully completed and the acquired knowledge will constitute an useful informational support for future activities of National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education. Also, both ARACIP and ARACIS expressed their willingness to work more closely with ANACIP in the field of quality assurance in educational institutions in Romania and Moldova.