On 26-27 September 2016, the representatives of National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education, Andrei Chiciuc, and Carolina Timco, participated in the International Workshop ”The experience of Russia and Europe in the field of quality assurance in higher education: on the way to integration», organized by the National Accreditation Agency in Education from the Russian Federation, Grozny.

National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education (ANACIP) at the request of the Government of Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Education announces the launch, on a priority basis, of the procedure of external quality evaluation of study programs for accreditation in the field of educational sciences. This request appeared in the context of the problems raised by the representatives of specialized local offices from the educational domain and refers to: the quality of initial formation of teaching staff, the quality and limited access to innovative programs of continuous training, as well as the deepening of the crisis in terms of providing teaching staff to general education institutions in the rural areas and the necessity to align to the provisions of the Education Code concerning the minimum qualification of teachers.

On May 20th 2016, the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Professional Education (ANACIP) signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency for Quality Assurance by Accrediting Study Programmes (AQAS) in the field of quality assessment and accreditation in higher education. The agreement was signed by ANACIP president, Andrei Chiciuc, and by AQAS agency director, Doris Herrmann.

 Between 10 to 14 May 2016, the administrative staff and the Board members of ANACIP  participated in a study visit to ARACIP and ARACIS, counterpart institutions in Romania. This activity was organized with the support of Romanian Government and Austrian Development Agency, within the quality assurance component of the project "Partnership for quality and relevance in ICT vocational education in Moldova".

On the 13th of April 2016, the Government approved the Methodology of external quality evaluation for provisional authorization and accreditation of vocational education and training, higher education and lifelong learning study programs and institutions developed by ANACIP in accordance with the Code of Education. By implementing the methodology, ANACIP will contribute to the realization of the state policies in the area of ensuring the quality of educational services, and this fact will lead to the growth of the credibility of the national professional education on the international level and the training of qualified specialists in accordance with the European standards.

În scopul respectării prevederilor Codului Educației ce reglementează procedura de evaluare externă a calității, în speță articolul 113, alin.(4), „evaluarea externă a calităţii în învăţămîntul superior este realizată de către ANACIP sau o altă agenţie de evaluare a calităţii, înscrisă în Registrul European pentru Asigurarea Calităţii în Învăţămîntul Superior”, art. 114, alin. (7) „evaluarea externă în vederea autorizării de funcţionare provizorie sau acreditării se declanşează şi se desfăşoară conform metodologiilor elaborate de ANACIP şi aprobate de Guvern” și art.114 alin. (10) „decizia cu privire la autorizarea de funcţionare provizorie, la acreditare, neacreditare sau la retragerea dreptului de activitate a unei instituţii de învăţămînt superior sau de organizare a unui program de studii se adoptă de Guvern la propunerea Ministerului Educaţiei, în baza rezultatelor evaluării efectuate de Agenţia Naţională de Asigurare a Calităţii în Învăţămîntul Profesional”, Consiliul de Conducere al ANACIP a decis următoarele:

Dear Mrs. Izmailova, tell us briefly about your professional background before you became the director of the National Acreditation Agency of the Russian Federation.

In 1988, I graduated from Leo Tolstoy Chechen-Ingush State University, Russian language and literature specialty, with the qualification of philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature.

In 1988, I started my didactic activity in the Republic of Ingushetia and I went through all stages from working as a teacher of Russian language and literature to the director of a school in the rural area.

Tell us briefly about the evolution of ARACIS (purpose and mission of the agency, the defining moments).

The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), hereinafter ARACIS, was founded in 2005 by the Emergency Ordinance (EO) no.75/2005 concerning quality assurance in education for external evaluation of quality in education. The EO 75/2005 was approved, with amendments, by Law no. 87/2006. Subsequently, the Law 87/2006 has been changed through successive legislative procedures that related mainly to organizational and procedural matters with regard to the effects of the external evaluations on higher education institutions but have not affected the mission of the agency and its independence.