Recently, the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC) has become a full member of the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates (SICI). This has also been made possible by the opening and financial support of the World Bank. The aim of this action is to strengthen the overall education dimension in terms of evaluating and externally assuring the quality of studies in line with the trends in the field at European level.

What is SICI and why did we choose to become part of this family?

SICI (Standing International Conference of Inspectorates) is an organization of 38 members across Europe working together to improve their understanding of education, training and inspection (

The objectives of the SICI are achieved through a series of workshops organized and led by its members, focusing on the key aspects of the inspection, identification of the main common elements and the differences found in the member countries, joint inspection projects, bilateral visits.

SICI is constantly improving its performance through professional development, facilitating access and exchange of information and cooperation among its members. The challenges faced by national inspectorates can be solved by trying to take advantage of sharing mutual expertise. As a result, SICI organizes workshops, seminars or conferences annually three or four times to support members systematically improve the quality of their inspection methodologies.

SICI wants to be a relevant organization not only for its members but also for all organizations and institutions that can take advantage of its expertise.